All our clients get to know Hello Talent, since we use this collaboration tool all day.
It will show them what we find for them, they are able to comment on what we do for them and have real time stats on the work in progress.


We like to share our knowledge with the industry, therefore we became member of the Executive Research Association, where we regularly show up in webinars on Sourcing.
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At the moment a lot of our clients ask us to find IT people all over the world therefor we have partnered with Amazing Hiring, currently the most efficient sourcing machine for software developers and IT engineers.

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We always said, sourcing adds to Employer Branding, combining sourcing with CandidateID and you will have a winning combination!


As you may see, there is not one holy grail to get to your results, that is why you can always rely on Boolean Results, we know how to combine all.



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